Address: Krfska 4, Palić
Phone: +38124753075
E-mail: office@zoopalic.co.rs
Web address: Zoo

Work time

Letnje radno vreme:
Svaki dan: 09:00 - 18:00
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Svaki dan: 09:00 - 15:00

The institution Zoo Palić was founded on May 31st, 1950. The founder of the institution is the city of Subotica. It is located in the very north of Serbia, in the immediate proximity of Lake Palić.

The area on which it extends is 15 hectares and consists of 10 hectares of cultivated park space available to visitors, while 5 hectares is agricultural and forest land.

The main activity of the institution is:

  • zoology
  • botany
  • education
  • protection of endangered species of plants and animals
  • tourism and entertainment.

It has more than 150 animal species that are placed in about fifty objects, while more than 800 individuals are in the shelter for animals. Within the ZOO, there is also a botanical garden, which is a collection of many autochthonous species and tens of thousands of seasonal flower plants.

The Zoo’s offer is complete with paintings, sculptures, workshops, seminars, expert meetings and conferences. The annual visit is over 150,000 visitors from the country and abroad. Palić Zoo is open 365 days a year.

Since the eighties of the last century, the ZOO has been operating as a pedagogical institution in which the pupils come in. On that occasion, educational workshops and professional lectures are organized, while high school students and students come for professional practice and volunteering.