Lake Palić


Nature Park Palić


Nature Park Palić - lake and part of the settlement Palić, with an area of 712 hectares + 1698 hectares of protection zone.

Characteristic are the Natural values (Lake Palćc, the old park and several habitats of protected species), Cultural values (Great park, several buildings of exceptional architectural value, Palić villas) and long tradition of bathing, spa and resort.

Natural values


Palić lake is a shallow lowland lake, about 5.5 km long. It is known for bird islands, where a large number of birds nest. The most striking are the noisy colonies of herons and seagulls.

On the islands, for a few years now, a blackheaded seagulls nest and this is the only place in our country where this species is currently nesting.

Of the rare mammals, the otters and bats should be mentioned, which are on the list of protected species.

Cultural values


The beginning of the construction of spa on Palić dates from the second half of the 19th century, when several buildings and bathing sites were built next to the lake.

In 1904, the city of Subotica announced a competition for the construction of a bathing place in Palić, where it was emphasized that the aim of the competition was to raise the bathing spots in Palić to the level of other bathing places of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The project plan was made by architects Marcell Comor and Dezső Jakab in the Art Nouveau style, in the variant of "Hungarian style". New facilities were: Watertower, Big Terrace, Music Pavilion, Women's lido, tavern, buildings where water treatment was done, new hotel with two floors and more. These facilities were completed and handed over to use in 1912.

Later in 1950, in harmony with the environment, the Summer Stage was built in the park, which today connects with the International Film Festival and the Palić Summer Evenings.

In the development of the bathing place, multiple sports champion, Lajoš Vermeš, played an important role in organizing important international Olympic Games with the character of the Olympics since 1880.

Nature Monument - The Pedunculate Oak Tree in Palić


In the settlement Palić, in the streets of Bela Bartok and Šandor Petefi and at Laslo Madjar Square, as a monument of nature, 31 trees of oak are protected.

Nature monument - The Pedunculate Oak tree in Palić is a protected area of local significance - 3rd category and it was proclaimed with the aim of preserving the dendrological and horticultural value of old oak trees and valuable specimens of other species due to their authenticity, integrity, landscape attractiveness, age, dimensions and preservation, as a valuable element of the landscape structure of the settlement Palić.

Fishing areas in protected areas


Fishing areas are used for recreational and sport fishing under the Fisheries Management Program. The fishing area is maintained by a water bailiff, a person who is employed by the user and has a license for water bailiff.

The water bailiff has the capacity of an official person and is authorized, on the basis of the law, to legitimize a person in the fishing area, inspect the vehicles and vessels, temporarily seize objects or tools.