Parking spaces in Subotica are divided into four zones (RED, YELLOW, GREEN and BLUE).
Payment can be done in two ways - parking tickets and text messages (for domestic operators only).

Parking tickets can be bought at kiosks (fill-in method: mark the time when you took the card and place it in a visible place within the chauffeur). Daily parking tickets can also be purchased at kiosks.

Parking can also be paid by mobile phone (sms), but the sim card needs to be from national operators. In the text message, type the number of tables without spaces and press send.

  • RED send parking messages to 9241 (Monday - Friday: 07am - 09pm, Saturday: 08am - 02pm)
  • YELLOW send a parking message to 9242 (Monday - Friday: 07am - 09pm, Saturday: 07am - 02pm)
  • GREEN send parking messages to 9243 (Monday - Sunday: 05am - 03pm)
  • BLUE send parking messages to 9244 (Monday - Friday: 07am - 09pm, Saturday: 07am - 02pm)
  • For all-day parking in the RED zone, send messages to 9245.
  • For all-day parking in YELLOW zone, send messages to 9246.
  • For all-day parking in BLUE zone, send messages to 9247.

A few seconds after you send a message, you will receive a text reply (sms) that confirms that your payment has been made.


Closed parking lots


Open University

In the very center of the city, at the Open University, there is a closed parking lot and works according to the principle of paying the fee at the toll booth when leaving the parking lot. The parking fee for 1 hour costs 55,00RSD.

Toll booth opening hours: Monday - Friday: 07am - 11pm, Saturday: 07am - 02pm.

Milky Market

In the dairy market at the Jakab & Komor Square there is an indoor parking lot with a toll booth, and the fee for 1hour parking is 45,00RSD.

Toll booth opening hours: Monday - Sunday: 05am - 05pm.