Why Subotica?




Do you remember where you organized the last three meetings? Which destination did you choose? Were the spaces where you organized the meetings too common? As soon as you step into Subotica, you will fall in love with the atmosphere in this city.

Wonderful buildings create a fairy environment in which you can organize your meeting. Positive feelings are inevitable. Relax and enjoy.



Are you tired of the crowd and the noise of the city? Do you have any problems keeping the participants of your meetings together? Cute and comfortable.

In Subotica you do not have to worry about the transfer of participants and logistics because hotels and conference rooms are nearby and offer everything you need to organize the perfect meeting.

The spirit of the city and its magic charm, with unforgettable experiences in wineries, at famous horse stables or in nature reserves, will make all the participants breathe as one.



Are you looking for a way to make the best meeting with the lowest cost? Do you think that you sometimes paid more than the partner gave you in the organization of a gathering or a gala dinner?

From the hotel and conference facilities, through special spaces and restaurants, to attractions you must see - everyone with whom you plan a meeting will meet you and your requirements and wishes while at the same time making savings in your budget.

Excellent offer in one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in Serbia. The most favorable package of services in the region. Here you get the right value for your money.



Do you have trouble finding an open and easily accessible destination for all participants of the event? Subotica stands out for its exceptional location. At the intersection of the main roads, for centuries it attracted travelers.

Merging various cultures here has created a great atmosphere for the organization of international and regional meetings and conferences.

Subotica is the center of activity in the Pannonian Plain and is an excellent choice for organizing your gathering.