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Address: Salaš 222, Palić
Phone: +38163646600
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The family vineyard Petra is located in Subotica vineyard, near the coast of Palić Lake, in a beautiful natural environment that offers ideal conditions for growing grape wine. The family property has 10 hectares, of which almost 3 hectares are under a vineyard from 7 years ago.

The carefully selected plots are located on the latitude S 46.07652 degrees, with a longitude of 19.76987 degrees and at an altitude of 106 meters. After analyzing the soil, taking its ingredients and careful calculations, the best clone wines suitable for this habitat were selected: Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Traminac.

The vineyard itself has excellent drainage of the soil, with strict regard for the equal and controlled yield of grapes. The clusters are of low weight, 100-120 grams, and each berry contains the same phenolic ingredients and organoleptic compounds. Vineyards are completely flat, perfectly adjusted, so that each cluster has exactly the same exposure to the sun, wind and rain.

Every other row was trampled to completely prevent and neutralize grasses that are not suitable for the vine and contributed to the controlled low yield of grapes. Due to the good position of the vineyard and harmonized external factors, its maintenance is done almost naturally.

If you are interested in wine tasting, it is necessary to announce in advance.