Franciscan church

The Franciscan monastery and church dedicated to St. Michael is located at the site of the Subotica fortress, built in 1439 by the efforts of Janko Sibinjanin, as one of the most important strategic points in the fight against the Turks.

Until 1773 they were the only parish in Subotica, which determined their role in the history of the whole region, especially when it comes to catholics. The church was established in 1730, with expandation of the chapel founded in 1695 by the Franciscans in the ground floor of the Subotica’s tower. The rest of the premises was converted in 1716 into a convent.

It enters from the foothills of the southern tower of the church, built during the Turkish occupation. It consists of a ground floor and a floor that form a spacious atrium of a rectangular base. The absence of facade decoration is common for residential buildings of the Franciscan order. The exception is a cordon wreath that divides the walls into two parts.