City hall


Address: Trg slobode, Subotica
Phone: +38124626888

Unlike many European cities, the center of Subotica is not dominated by a cathedral or a church, but by a City Hall. Because of its location, size and ornate architecture of Hungarian Art Nouveau, the City Hall has become a landmark, the center and the symbol of Subotica. It was built between 1908 and 1910, with the interior decoration completed in 1912. It extends over an area of nearly 6000 m² with 16000 m² of gross floor area.

The City Hall was designed by Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab, prominent architects from Budapest. The City Hall has a symmetrical layout with four inner courtyards/atriums and four entrances. On the north side, where there is a beautiful park and the Blue Fountain, there is a vestibule with a ceremonial staircase carved in marble, leading to the first representative floor. On that floor there are three Halls – Green and Yellow, used by the Grand Prefect and now the Mayor and a third one, central, largest and most beautiful – Grand Hall, which forms the very heart of Subotica’s City Hall. Grand Hall is used for meetings of the City Assembly, concerts, weddings and important events. It boasts sixteen remarkable stained glass windows in shimmering colors by Miksa Róth and Sándor Nagy who is also the author of six stained glass windows in the side apses, all of which are considered to be exceptional works of art. The City Hall, with its modern concept and in accordance with contemporary requirements, even today satisfies many of the city’s needs. It contains the Mayor’s Cabinet, City Administration offices and municipal services, historical archives, boutiques, banks… Functionality and modernity, as well as the synthesis of various art disciplines – architecture, painting and applied arts are probably the most important value of this building, but what leaves visitors breathless is certainly its lavish ornamentation. Art Nouveau decoration is here enriched with a distinct romantic note of Hungarian folklore through patterns of stylized flowers as well as ceramic and wrought iron floral jewelry. Carved wood, brass fittings, lamps, ceramic eosin tiles, all contribute to the artistic value and extravagance of this unique building.

The tower is 76 meters high with a belvedere at the height of 45.5 meters and an unforgettable view of Subotica and its surrounding.