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The vineyard of Tonković winery lies in the vicinity of Palić, on the dunes of Bački Vinogradi. This is the European family type of vineyard and cellar. Since it is presumed that the future of global winemaking rests in authentic local wines, this winery grows only one grape variety – the indigenous variety of Kadarka. Kadarka has proven its potential of giving excellent wines.

The majority of red wines are heavy, while Kadarka is light and potable wine and that makes it specific. It is believed that Kadarka appeared in these parts in the 17th century and it was highly dispersed only to be forgotten at the end. The winery hosts share authentic stories and facts with visitors in a very vivid manner. The Wine cellar is hardly visible from the road, being buried into a hummock. Nevertheless the white farm-house used for wine tasting dominates the scenery.

In addition to the wine tasting, the groups who made prior arrangements could also be served with house specialities, emphasizing the best features of Kadarka.