Liberty square


Address: Trg slobode, Subotica

Unlike many European cities, the center of Subotica is not dominated by the cathedral or church, but the City Hall, the masterpiece of the Hungarian Art Nouveau – established in 1912. It is surrounded by the park, fountains and a huge square, where many concerts and bazaars are held throughout the year.

On the square there is a building of the National Theater whose renovation is in progress. On the eastern side of the square there is a neo-baroque building of the City Library. Two atlases that are carrying the balcony of the City Library are making this building very attractive. The monument of Tzar Jovan Nenad in the middle of the square is a monument to a controversial historical figure.

Not far from the monument are two fountains. Green Fountain (1985) and Blue Fountain (2001), pearls of the city center. Both are made of Zsolnay ceramics, as well as all decorative tiles on Art Nouveau buildings in the city.