Serbian orthodox church

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According to written sources prior to the construction of the present-day temple, there was a small chapel in the immediate vicinity, blue-painted, covered with a plank roof and dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord.

The church of permanent material was established between 1723-1726 and her founder was Nikola Dzelebdzija, a merchant.

The construction time is confirmed by the record on the old iconostasis, which was later donated to the smaller church, dedicated to St. Demetrios in Aleksandrovo. Namely, two years were recorded, in 1726, which marks the year when the temple was completed.

Year 1766 marks the first major renovation, as well as the year of painting the iconostasis. Over time, many interventions were made on the temple, and the last great reconstruction was finished in 1909/10.

Many changes and additions made the temple lose its original stylistic features of architectural baroque solutions from the early 19th century.

Today, the temple is a characteristic example of neo-baroque churches with discrete decorative elements of secession lines made on the facade, often applied to the sacral architecture of that time.