Subotica Savings Bank Palace


Address: Korzo 4, Subotica

This building, in the Hungarian Art Nouveau style, was designed by Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab, after the Synagogue and just before the City Hall, in 1907. It used to be the only bank in the city’s main street. In addition to the bank, there was a restaurant and on the upper floors, apartments.

The façade is bent around the corner, and the upper floor part is embellished with decorative ceramic elements inspired by folk art motifs, and stone carvings, which was a rarity in Subotica’s architecture and its frugal citizens. This building was the first one in Subotica to use large glass surfaces instead of a massive, closed ground floor. However, the greatest value of this building is simply in its beauty, in the fact that its every color, every detail, every ornament is well thought of and balanced.

The main purpose of this building can be easily recognized by the symbols on the façade: a squirrel – symbol of diligence, a beehive – symbol of frugality, an owl – symbol of wisdom.