Abazija cinema


Address: Splitska aleja 27, Palić
Phone: +38124510510
E-mail: info@abazija.rs
Web address: Abazija cinema

Work time

The center for film art “Art & Popcorn” leased the devastated Abazija cinema building during 2014 in a public auction, with the intention of completely revitalizing the cultural property into the “ABAZIJA – MUSEUM OF MOVIE” cultural center, which is of multiple importance. As a unique architectural object and the oldest active cinema in the former Yugoslavia, the Abazija Cinema building forms an integral part of the legally protected architectural ensemble of Lake Palić and represents a great cultural and tourist potential.

With the complete reconstruction of the facility, a regular program throughout the year will be provided that will focus on the placement and promotion of European cinema, with an emphasis on cinematography of Serbia and national minorities.