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Cycling is a recreation, a sport and a means of transportation.

Due to its relatively inexpensive construction and availability, it is the most widely used means of transportation today.

The fact is that, compared to other conventional means of transport (eg a car), bicycles are far less dangerous for environmental pollution and, at the same time, have a very positive effect on the health of people cycling, many cities provide cyclists with a variety of infrastructures that make them easier to ride: separate bicycle lanes, special places for storing bicycles, parts of the city accessible only by bicycle or on foot, etc.

SuBike is a public bicycle rental service in Subotica. Bikes can be rented or returned at any of the three places in Subotica and one in Palić. The position in Palić is at the restaurant Mala gostiona. The application for registration is submitted personally with a valid identity card or passport in the premises of the Parking Service.