Salaš Zvonko Bogdan

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Near the Ludaš lake, not far from Subotica and far from the noise and hustle and bustle, there is a Zvonko Bogdan farmhouse. Salaš represents a museum of former life in Vojvodina, reflect life and career of Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, offers peace and tranquility and simply makes guests forget the everyday life and enjoy a kind of stress therapy.

The food offer is combined with the romantic environment, leaves the strongest impression on the guests: homemade soup from fowl, dishes  baked in clay pot amongst live coals and unavoidable strudel with poppy seeds, cherries or walnuts.

Salaš Zvonko Bogdan disposes of a large restaurant hall with a capacity of 180 seats, small hall that can accommodate 50 visitors and the courtyard space for 250 guests.

If you want to visit the farm, it is necessary to announce in advance.