Monument of Jovan Nenad tzar


Address: Trg slobode, Subotica

Početkom 1927. godine, istoričar dr. Aleksa Ivić, profesor Pravnog fakulteta u Subotici, pokrenuo je inicijativu za organizovanje proslave i podizanje spomenika.

The making of three figures was entrusted to Petar Pallavicini, honored Yugoslav sculptor, who expressed in marble his artistic view of Jovan Nenad and his courtiers – Fabijan Literate and Subota Vrlić.

At the highest point of the monument the Tzar is in warfare equipment, Literata has a book and pen in his hands, while Subota Vrlić holds a fortress of Subotica and a shield with the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

The Monument of Tzar Jovan Nenad is located at the main square. Jovan Nenad was a controversial historical figure, a self-proclaimed emperor who proclaimed Subotica briefly his capital in 1527.

The monument itself had a burning history because it was raised in 1927, destroyed in 1941, and restored and installed on the current location in 1991.